Why choose our Clinical Decision Support Software?

Clinical Content that leads the market

Plain Healthcare’s clinical decision support systems enable a vast synthesis of clinical knowledge relevant to the patient’s needs to be available to the user instantaneously – at the click of a mouse. The content has evolved over 17 years and is tried, tested and proven in many markets. In England, over 60% of Primary Care Trusts commission GP Out of Hours services from providers that support nurse telephone triage with Odyssey.

Speed of Use

Studies have shown that the average length of nurse consultations using Odyssey TeleAssess is in the order of 6 minutes once the nurse has become a proficient user. One of the fastest clinical assessment tools on the market; this includes recording patient details, completing the patient assessment, triaging, advice giving and disposal of the patient.

Up to Date Advice

Odyssey TeleAssess and Odyssey FaceToFace are based upon a patient-centred consultation model pioneered by Plain Healthcare. Developed following detailed research and evaluation of telephone and face to face consultation and refined through user feedback – the assessment and advice guidelines provide a truly comprehensive and up to date clinical assessment tool.

Flexible Licensing

Plain Healthcare’s unique method of licensing ensures that you can select options that minimise your financial outlay while ensuring you have full cover available for any level of unexpected demand. Licence types, which can be mixed at any installation, include full, unrestricted use licences, peak demand licences (available at weekends and public holidays only).