PathFinderRF is an innovative on-line referral facilitation and clinical communication system that enables Commissioning Groups and other Primary Care Organisations to manage referrals and the communication of clinical information from general practice to specialist and community services. It is based on a system developed by the award-winning Nene Commissioning Group and supports evidence-based, consistent and cost effective care across a locality or region.

PathFinderRF provides guidance and referral templates covering a wide range of key conditions. The system helps a GP or practice nurse decide whether referral to another provider of care is appropriate; then the referral template ensures that all relevant clinical information is collated. The data is then exported so it can be copied to the patient’s electronic health record, ready to send to the chosen provider.

PathFinderRF contains national guidance plus consensus advice provided by local specialists along with local administrative content, thus providing a complete spectrum of information to ensure an effective and appropriate referral.