Odyssey TeleAssess supports definitive clinical assessment by telephone; helping users to meet patients’ needs safely while making significant savings in time, effort and money for their service.

With average assessment times at around 6 minutes, as measured independently and by Plain Healthcare, Odyssey TeleAssess ensures that call length is always appropriate to the circumstances.

Odyssey provides the user with a network of assessment prompts and guided responses and allows for multiple symptoms to be evaluated simultaneously, supported by evidence-based frameworks for referral and self-care, with all assessment data remaining visible at all times. It supports the clinician’s judgement and expertise through enhancing normal consultation processes.

The assessment screens include drop-downs that provide regularly up-dated referenced information on differential diagnoses and rationales for lines of enquiry for each type of presentation – so reminding the user about the importance of different lines of enquiry.

Odyssey also has a solution aimed at triaging at the point of reception. Read more about Odyssey Reception.