Odyssey PatientAssess is an accurate and comprehensive telephone clinical assessment solution designed for use in doctors’ surgeries to support receptionists prioritise patients and clinicians carry out triage and clinical assessment. Web-deployed and easy to use, Odyssey PatientAssess can help to reduce costs, save time and increase patient satisfaction. The solution guides users assess patient telephone calls, and provides prompts on easy to follow screens. Odyssey PatientAssess enables users to deal with calls quickly and efficiently, freeing up staff time and resources while improving health outcomes.

Integrated within the host clinical system or sitting alongside it using Odyssey Demographics, PatientAssess incorporates Odyssey Reception to allow non-clinicians to perform the initial prioritisation of patients quickly and efficiently. This generates urgencies which determine the timescale and priority for the clinical contact, and details are automatically passed on to the Clinical Assessment stage, to be carried out by a doctor or nurse using Odyssey PatientAssess. Supported by automatic on-screen prompts and question sets, together with evidence-based advice it culminates in a recommended outcome, as well as a summary of the assessment that can be used throughout the surgery.