Odyssey FaceToFace offers varying levels of decision support ranging from an electronic record of the consultation to a sophisticated guide to history taking, examination, diagnosis and treatment, depending on the needs and experience of the user.

The latest express version ensures rapid, safe assessments and advice are always possible, along with robust documentation, all visible on a single screen.

Odyssey FaceToFace is available for use in all markets where there is advantage to be made in routing patients to clinics staffed by nurses or other clinicians rather than experienced physicians. This may be to improve access to healthcare in general, or to drive efficiency through lower cost practitioners.

For more information, read our business caseĀ on how Odyssey FaceToFace supports effective urgent care.

We all make errors no matter how much training and experience we possess, so to err is human – read how Odyssey FaceToFace effectively supports decision making.