Odyssey range

Why the Odyssey product range is unique

Odyssey Clinical Decision Support is unique because it includes the following key aspects:

  • The method used is based on Bayesian logic, examining all relevant items simultaneously via a framework rather than via a restrictive binary algorithmic pathway
  • Multiple symptoms can be analysed simultaneously via interacting symptom frameworks to give a final overall outcome
  • The style of questioning fits with a natural pattern of consultation and is therefore intuitive and user friendly
  • The content is managed within a continuous learning and testing cycle designed to minimise the uncertainty inherent in medical decision making

Odyssey’s clinical content is key to it’s success. It enables a vast synthesis of clinical knowledge relevant to the patient’s needs to be available to the user instantaneously – at the click of a mouse.

This knowledge is maintained within the Plain Clinical Database. This database comprises several hundred assessment and examination guidelines and protocols, each linked to triage, treatment and advice guidelines, differential diagnoses, patient information and education.

The Plain Clinical Database reflects currently accepted best practice, relevant literature and texts, plus advice from relevant specialists, supported by an extensive process of peer review. It represents a unique international clinical consensus. Plain Healthcare has a proven commitment to supporting best practice internationally, evidenced by its International Expert Panels and links with professional bodies in the UK, Holland, and Switzerland.

Each site using the Odyssey products contribute to the database review and development; as a result, the clinical content has now been reviewed by panels that, in total, comprise of hundreds of GPs, emergency physicians, paediatricians, psychiatrists, nurses and numerous other clinicians.

Proven to improve clinical efficiency, reduce risk and save money, Odyssey has been used to successfully assess c.20 million patients without any litigation to date.