Our products

Our product range reflects the ingenuity of our clinical staff and our dedicated computer software design and development teams. Our international clinical team is actively involved in clinical practice and in touch with issues that demand state-of-the-art clinical decision support software. We have a world-class team of consultants and trainers. Our software and clinical database has now been translated into several European languages including German, French, Italian and Dutch and has a worldwide installation base.

Unlike most decision support systems, Odyssey and PathFinderRF have been thoroughly independently evaluated and their safety and effectiveness verified demonstrating them to be the most thoroughly researched, evidence-based products of their type.

Our product range

Odyssey TeleAssess

Odyssey PatientAssess

Odyssey FaceToFace

Odyssey Reception


Odyssey CareAssess

Odyssey FirstAssess

Odyssey SelfAssess

Most importantly, it provides output that informs physicians and nurses to ensure their subsequent consultations are thorough, yet shorter. This improves practice efficiency, so more patients may be seen, while ensuring safety is in no way compromised.

Plain Healthcare is a Research & Development company at the leading edge of software development in expert clinical decision support technology.

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