Customers tell us we’re approachable, helpful and friendly. The envy of our competitors.

As a team we have an average sub-four-minute response time to all customer enquiries with an average 25 minute resolution time from the initial request to completion. The majority of our customers are experiencing 99.7%+ reliability from our software, a fact we’re extremely proud of.

All of our sites are supported via remote application software, either through a RAS or directly to the server. Whatever process the site selects, a strict authentication process is initiated by Plain Healthcare, requiring both secure user passwords and logon passwords. If preferred, UK customers may choose to have Plain Healthcare connect via N3.

Our commitment to customers is also proven by the close relationship that our support team forms with our customers, showing how they care about their problems. This has meant that we have often gone beyond our contracted remit to assist our customers in providing their valuable services.