Web-deployed for ease of implementation and update

Self Hosting

A customer wishing to utilize our service-orientated architecture (SOA) may choose to host the services and databases at their premises. Normally, this would require a web server to host the services and database server for the database. The customer may choose to do so if they have sufficient hardware, space and support staff to maintain the servers. Alternatively they may be restricted by regulations, for example on the geographical location of their data.

Off-site Hosting

A standard approach for the rollout of an SOA is to hire a hosting company to host the services and database. This has the advantage that the customer is effectively buying the IT support along with the hiring of the server and disk space. In terms of scalability, the hosting company can add additional capacity relatively easily, and can also provide the necessary load balancing etc. A contract with a hosting company tends to be in discrete units of time (normally monthly), and billing tends to be in blocks rather than pay as you go. The solution tends to be flexible, but within these constraints.

Plain Healthcare use partners Asckey Data Services Ltd to host Odyssey TeleAssess and PatientAssess, plus PathFinderRF via the NHS N3 secure network.

The Odyssey CareAssess hosted solution is supported by partners Cobweb Solutions. The solution will provide secure access for multiple residential care homes and health service providers to support the assessment and treatment of elderly residents, reducing hospital emergency department referrals and removing the stress to residents associated with hospitalisation.