Plain Healthcare offers organisational consultancy and facilitation on all aspects relating to the effective use of clinical decision support software in everyday practice. We have a depth of understanding regarding the difficulties associated with delivering effective and high quality unscheduled care, which we’d like to make available to you.

Such consultancy may be required for reasons such as resistance to change, poor system use, non-adherence to best practice guidelines or a variety of other issues affecting the development and delivery of top quality services.

External support delivered in this way can considerably improve the effectiveness of the intervention through an objective, knowledgeable and insightful approach. Alternatively, you may wish to critically evaluate your service as part of continuous quality improvement using consultants that fully understand the challenges being faced by your organisation.

Our consultants combine a depth of knowledge in the implementation of clinical decision support into everyday practice with quality improvement and facilitation tools to support you in finding the best solution for your organisation.

We take pride in building long term relationships with our clients and in supporting them through service and workforce development to ensure the delivery of services of the highest quality to their patients.

Mentoring consultancy for individual clinicians or groups is also available.