The challenge


Clinical decision support software from Plain Healthcare delivers critical benefits to the funders, providers and patients of healthcare services. Whatever the system structure and source of funding (insurers, employers, governments or private individuals), the value delivered by Plain Healthcare’s product range is relevant across the world. Our software systems increase access to effective, safe healthcare worldwide, and can help improve efficiency by minimizing assessment times, reducing error and clinical risk, getting diagnoses right first time, every time.

Improving access to healthcare, especially for under-served communities is a social and political imperative that must be economically practicable too. Our products empower nurses, junior physicians and healthcare workers to make rapid, safe and consistently high quality patient assessments and impart up-to-date advice for self-care  Our products empower nurses, junior physicians and healthcare workers to make rapid, safe and consistently high quality patient assessments and impart up-to-date advice for self-care.

Plain Healthcare are looking for partners as well as new clients to help unlock the global potential of our product suite and realize the extensive value in the brand. Below is a list of regions we currently cover:

  • North America
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Far East
  • India
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Latin America

We aim to appoint International Partners and Resellers in most countries of the world to market and/or sell Odyssey web-deployed cloud-enable clinical software to:

  • Clinicians – doctors, nurses, paramedics
  • Health establishments – hospitals, clinics, prisons, care homes, emergency services
  • Companies – shipping, exploration, mining, insurance, absence management
  • Funders – governments, NGOs, health insurers, charities
  • Individuals – people using self-assessment or carers providing lay assessment to others


‘What is the return on investment (RoI)?’ is probably the single most frequently asked question asked when considering clinical decision support. With increasing pressure on budgets, ensuring that any investment delivers on both cost saving, improved efficiencies and service improvement is key. But there is more to a RoI than simply the price tag.

A true measure of RoI must include the full spectrum of benefits that can result from a successful IT implementation: improved patient safety, improved quality of the care provided, improved relationships with patients, streamlined internal processes, innovation, and other qualitative factors.  HIMSS recommends that health providers use the following areas to evaluate RoI:

  • Efficiency Savings
  • Improved outcomes of care compared to pre-health IT implementation
  • Additional revenue generated as the result of an IT implementation
  • Non-financial gains such as, but not limited to, increased patient satisfaction with care encounters, decreased provider time at work, and higher levels of employee satisfaction
  • Increased knowledge of providers about the patient population they serve

Plain Healthcare’s products have been proven to deliver on their RoI promise.

For example, NHS Nene CCG have seen a significant impact in consultation times since the implementation of PathFinderRF. The average time saved per day is more than 35 minutes per GP. They have also witnessed a saving in the cost of onward referrals with a less than 1% reduction in referrals for outpatient appointments alone covering their investment in PathFinderRF. These figures speak for themselves.