Odyssey range


Odyssey TeleAssess supports definitive clinical assessment by telephone; helping users to meet patients’ needs safely while making significant savings in time, effort and money for their service.

With average assessment times at around 6 minutes, as measured independently and by Plain Healthcare, Odyssey TeleAssess ensures that call length is always appropriate to the circumstances.

Odyssey provides the user with a network of assessment prompts and guided responses and allows for multiple symptoms to be evaluated simultaneously, supported by evidence-based frameworks for referral and self-care, with all assessment data remaining visible at all times. It supports the clinician’s judgement and expertise through enhancing normal consultation processes.

The assessment screens include drop-downs that provide regularly up-dated referenced information on differential diagnoses and rationales for lines of enquiry for each type of presentation – so reminding the user about the importance of different lines of enquiry.

Odyssey also has a solution aimed at triaging at the point of reception. Read more about Odyssey Reception.


Odyssey PatientAssess is an accurate and comprehensive telephone clinical assessment solution designed for use in doctors’ surgeries to support receptionists prioritise patients and clinicians carry out triage and clinical assessment. Web-deployed and easy to use, Odyssey PatientAssess can help to reduce costs, save time and increase patient satisfaction. The solution guides users assess patient telephone calls, and provides prompts on easy to follow screens. Odyssey PatientAssess enables users to deal with calls quickly and efficiently, freeing up staff time and resources while improving health outcomes.

Integrated within the host clinical system or sitting alongside it using Odyssey Demographics, PatientAssess incorporates Odyssey Reception to allow non-clinicians to perform the initial prioritisation of patients quickly and efficiently. This generates urgencies which determine the timescale and priority for the clinical contact, and details are automatically passed on to the Clinical Assessment stage, to be carried out by a doctor or nurse using Odyssey PatientAssess. Supported by automatic on-screen prompts and question sets, together with evidence-based advice it culminates in a recommended outcome, as well as a summary of the assessment that can be used throughout the surgery.


Odyssey FaceToFace offers varying levels of decision support ranging from an electronic record of the consultation to a sophisticated guide to history taking, examination, diagnosis and treatment, depending on the needs and experience of the user.

The latest express version ensures rapid, safe assessments and advice are always possible, along with robust documentation, all visible on a single screen.

Odyssey FaceToFace is available for use in all markets where there is advantage to be made in routing patients to clinics staffed by nurses or other clinicians rather than experienced physicians. This may be to improve access to healthcare in general, or to drive efficiency through lower cost practitioners.

For more information, read our business case on how Odyssey FaceToFace supports effective urgent care.

We all make errors no matter how much training and experience we possess, so to err is human – read how Odyssey FaceToFace effectively supports decision making.


Odyssey CareAssess offers clinical decision support designed specifically for use by both care assistants and nurses working in nursing and residential care homes. By supporting the assessment and treatment of any condition presented by a resident or patient Odyssey CareAssess ensures the best possible on-site care.

Supplied on tablet and mobile devices with touchscreen technology for ease of use, there are two models of deployment available. The first and most effective, is a hosted model which relies on the home have internet connectivity at all times.The second option is a locally deployed model which does not require internet connectivity but which provides less flexibility for the user.


Odyssey is now being used to improve healthcare within prisons, supporting high levels of healthcare quality and offering leading clinical decision support. Healthcare can always be a challenging environment in which to work, yet healthcare in prisons often poses even more challenges, including over-exaggerated or fake symptoms. So the ability to provide rapid, safe assessments and advice is essential and Odyssey helps the prison nurses and staff provide exactly that.

Odyssey FirstAssess has been developed specifically for use in Prisons and other detention centers to help improve healthcare in challenging environments and drastically reduce the costs of referral (e.g. to hospital emergency departments).


Odyssey SelfAssess uses the extensive and proven clinical content developed for clinician use, and adapts it for patient self assessment.

It draws upon extensive reviews of clinical best practice to ensure that the patient provides sufficient information for a thorough, clinically safe self-assessment. It then gives clear recommendations to patients with regard to urgency, next steps and self care advice, where appropriate.

Most importantly, it provides output that informs physicians and nurses to ensure their subsequent consultations are thorough, yet shorter. This improves practice efficiency, so more patients may be seen, while ensuring safety is in no way compromised.