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Odyssey is now being used to improve healthcare within prisons, supporting high levels of healthcare quality and offering leading clinical decision support. Healthcare can always be a challenging environment in which to work, yet healthcare in prisons often poses even more challenges, including over-exaggerated or fake symptoms. So the ability to provide rapid, safe assessments and advice is essential and Odyssey helps the prison nurses and staff provide exactly that.

Odyssey FirstAssess has been developed specifically for use in Prisons and other detention centers to help improve healthcare in challenging environments and drastically reduce the costs of referral (e.g. to hospital emergency departments).


Odyssey SelfAssess uses the extensive and proven clinical content developed for clinician use, and adapts it for patient self assessment.

It draws upon extensive reviews of clinical best practice to ensure that the patient provides sufficient information for a thorough, clinically safe self-assessment. It then gives clear recommendations to patients with regard to urgency, next steps and self care advice, where appropriate.

Most importantly, it provides output that informs physicians and nurses to ensure their subsequent consultations are thorough, yet shorter. This improves practice efficiency, so more patients may be seen, while ensuring safety is in no way compromised.


Web-deployed for ease of implementation and update

Self Hosting

A customer wishing to utilize our service-orientated architecture (SOA) may choose to host the services and databases at their premises. Normally, this would require a web server to host the services and database server for the database. The customer may choose to do so if they have sufficient hardware, space and support staff to maintain the servers. Alternatively they may be restricted by regulations, for example on the geographical location of their data.

Off-site Hosting

A standard approach for the rollout of an SOA is to hire a hosting company to host the services and database. This has the advantage that the customer is effectively buying the IT support along with the hiring of the server and disk space. In terms of scalability, the hosting company can add additional capacity relatively easily, and can also provide the necessary load balancing etc. A contract with a hosting company tends to be in discrete units of time (normally monthly), and billing tends to be in blocks rather than pay as you go. The solution tends to be flexible, but within these constraints.

Plain Healthcare use partners Asckey Data Services Ltd to host Odyssey TeleAssess and PatientAssess, plus PathFinderRF via the NHS N3 secure network.

The Odyssey CareAssess hosted solution is supported by partners Cobweb Solutions. The solution will provide secure access for multiple residential care homes and health service providers to support the assessment and treatment of elderly residents, reducing hospital emergency department referrals and removing the stress to residents associated with hospitalisation.


Implementation of full licence installations includes the following activities:

Project management: this starts the moment we receive your order. You will be appointed a dedicated project manager who co-ordinates all implementation activities with you, from a training needs analysis and the scheduling of training resources to arranging engineers for installation. We will liaise with third party application providers as necessary, too. Your project manager will stay with you beyond the Go Live date, to ensure a smooth transition to working with Odyssey or PathFinderRF.

Testing of customer’s system in advance of installation of product.

Installation of product live and training databases.

Administration with regard to establishing remote access via N3 or equivalent.

Configuration of product to customer requirements.

Checking of product as configured and installed.

On-site pre-training meeting and provision of pre-training handouts.

Post-training meeting to evaluate individual performances during training.

Presence of trainer and engineer at Go Live rehearsal and actual event.

Systems administration training (half day), on site, delivered by a trainer within two weeks after Go Live date, subject to availability.

Post-Go Live meeting (within 6 weeks of Go Live).

Hands-on training is available to all users of our products by our own, experienced in-house trainers, usually at the customer’s place of work.


Plain Healthcare attaches a great deal of importance to Learning & Development. Our highly professional team of trainers provide courses for nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals who intend to use our products and solutions. These trainers have many years of clinical and training experience and the faculty includes some of the most respected nurse trainers in the UK.

We provide high quality training materials such as printed manuals and HTML-based help systems for use in your browser software.

Course modules of hands-on product training delivered at your workplace or online (depending on your circumstances/course required) include the following:

  • Hands-on Odyssey TeleAssess Training
  • Hands-on Odyssey FaceToFace Training
  • Odyssey Cascade Trainers’ Course
  • Odyssey Update Training
  • Non-Clinician Training – Odyssey Reception
  • Systems Administration
  • Odyssey Reporting

In addition we also run programmes that go beyond the use of software. Designed primarily for clinicians, they are appropriate for any organisation involved with primary care and are delivered at your workplace whenever possible.

Our Telephone Consultation Skills Workshop has been delivered and well received by clinicians in various clinical settings including Out of Hours, Primary Care and insurance health assessment organisations.

The workshop has recently been delivered as part of the “Esteem Trial” – a large Department of Health funded research project examining the effectiveness of Nurse Triage in Primary Care.

It is suitable for clinicians who are new to the role of telephone consultation as well as those who are more experienced and wish to enhance their skills. It comprises a mixture of information, interactive group and individual exercises and provides an introduction to the softer skills required for a successful and effective telephone intervention.

A single day workshop runs from 10am – 4.30pm with 45 minute lunch break and working refreshments. It is delivered at your own organisation’s premises for up to 10 delegates.

In addition we have a programme of low-cost webinars to assist existing users of our products to refine their skills in a structured manner with expert assistance.


Customers tell us we’re approachable, helpful and friendly. The envy of our competitors.

As a team we have an average sub-four-minute response time to all customer enquiries with an average 25 minute resolution time from the initial request to completion. The majority of our customers are experiencing 99.7%+ reliability from our software, a fact we’re extremely proud of.

All of our sites are supported via remote application software, either through a RAS or directly to the server. Whatever process the site selects, a strict authentication process is initiated by Plain Healthcare, requiring both secure user passwords and logon passwords. If preferred, UK customers may choose to have Plain Healthcare connect via N3.

Our commitment to customers is also proven by the close relationship that our support team forms with our customers, showing how they care about their problems. This has meant that we have often gone beyond our contracted remit to assist our customers in providing their valuable services.


We offer an Out of Hours Benchmarking service; a thorough analysis of all of your performance data and comparison to the national figures obtained from our continuous studies of samples of our out of hours customers, which started in 2006 when we analysed over 270,000 calls to provide detailed benchmarks.

We combine this quantitative analysis with a detailed qualitative study of the individuals within your service. Invaluable support when tendering for new contracts, this service offers a unique method of highlighting your strengths and identifying specific areas to target performance improvement.

Our consultants combine a depth of knowledge in the implementation of clinical decision support into everyday practice with quality improvement and facilitation tools to support you in finding the best solution for your organisation.


Plain Healthcare offers organisational consultancy and facilitation on all aspects relating to the effective use of clinical decision support software in everyday practice. We have a depth of understanding regarding the difficulties associated with delivering effective and high quality unscheduled care, which we’d like to make available to you.

Such consultancy may be required for reasons such as resistance to change, poor system use, non-adherence to best practice guidelines or a variety of other issues affecting the development and delivery of top quality services.

External support delivered in this way can considerably improve the effectiveness of the intervention through an objective, knowledgeable and insightful approach. Alternatively, you may wish to critically evaluate your service as part of continuous quality improvement using consultants that fully understand the challenges being faced by your organisation.

Our consultants combine a depth of knowledge in the implementation of clinical decision support into everyday practice with quality improvement and facilitation tools to support you in finding the best solution for your organisation.

We take pride in building long term relationships with our clients and in supporting them through service and workforce development to ensure the delivery of services of the highest quality to their patients.

Mentoring consultancy for individual clinicians or groups is also available.